You’ve just gotten yourself listed on SIGN Art! (or any art platform for that matter).
You’ve published your first artworks and set up your profile, but what now? How do you stimulate the collecting of your artworks? How do you make sure you grow as an artist? This article focuses on how digital artists can market themselves.

Let’s start with the basics; social media presence. The act of simply sharing your artworks online with hashtags and tagging other users (perhaps other artists or collectors), don’t forcefully spam other people though, as this will play against you; it could make you…

Have you ever looked at digital art and thought; “I wish I could somehow.. own this?”, perhaps you wondered about if it would ever be possible to have an art market, but for digital art. But it wouldn’t be possible, because any and everyone could just get a digital copy of the file. This is what cryptoart solves; cryptoart introduces digital scarcity and proven ownership to digital artworks.

Blockchain technology, specifically ‘NFTs’ or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ allow digital artworks to have digital scarcity, by letting an NFT represent ownership of a digital work. …

Digital art NFTs have been growing immensely, platforms such as SuperRare and KnownOrigin have been experiencing vast growth; SuperRare recently announced that artists have earned a staggering $1.3M on the platform, with KnownOrigin having a total volume of around $500k. In total this amounts to about 20.000 artworks that’ve been sold.

Recently, CEO and Co-Founder of Gemini, as well as multiple Morgan Creek Co-Founders and the MoCa (Museum of Crypto art) have showcased an incredible bidding war on an artwork created by Trevor Jones. The artwork eventually sold for a bewildering $55,555.

Trevor Jones PicassosBull Digital Art sold for a bewildering $55,555 —

Signature Chain has decided to participate in the…

The Signature Chain project started in 2018 following our study about Blockchain Document Certification, this was conducted for a project we were working on for a well-known Banking institution.

Despite the absence of an ICO and the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, our team managed to keep focus on the development of the current SIGN web application.

Signature Chain is a dApp/bApp (Decentralized/Blockchain Application) focusing on Blockchain Data Certification as the primary feature. The application allows anyone to certify all types of digital contents (e.g., document, video, audio and images) and timestamp them with a unique hash. …

See all Joey Gates works on instagram

For many artists, the internet is full of opportunities.
Nowadays, having an online presence is necessary to thrive in any form of business. With a few clicks, you can share art, idea, invention and build a fan-base worldwide, promote and market a business. Likes, tweets and shares are great tools to make money off social media from any craft.

If your piece or creation is not available online, chances are, you won’t get noticed, and you’ll miss out on chances to profit.

The digital world offers advantages with high efficiency at very little cost. However, along with this convenience comes an irrefutable disadvantage, that leaves artists often exposed and vulnerable. The art and creatives industry are particularly vulnerable to theft. …

We now live our lives increasingly online. We are not aware of it but there is a digital signature in all our online activities, requiring information to be sent back and forth. Blockchain technology has demonstrated the potential of transforming the way that online information is managed and stored.

While blockchain is most famous for its role in facilitating the rise of digital currencies, the same mechanism could just as easily be applied to other types of verification procedures.

Signature Chain utilizes Waves transaction ledgers to certify any important file and document. These decentralized ledgers keep records of verified transactions…

Hello everyone!

We have decided to swap $SICA token to a new Waves token, $SIGN.

ASSET ID: 9sQutD5HnRvjM1uui5cVC4w9xkMPAfYEV8ymug3Mon2Y

The main reason of the swap is to reduce the supply and particularly get rid of 11% of the total supply, which is assumed to be lost wallet. Such will make it easier to access exchanges in the future.

The ratio of the swap will be 1:30, hence the total supply will decrease from 31B to under 1B. The date of the swap is fixed to 15 July 2019.

The swap process will depend on where your $SICA tokens are being stored…

Signature Chain had certainly come a long way since the project was conceptualized in October of 2018. Initially, the project focused on document certification on the Blockchain, using a digital signature created by a cryptographic hash function. Almost 8 months into product research and development, additional use cases have been identified which the immutability of the Blockchain provides a more reliable solution for. Try out the website application.

SIGN has hit a major milestone with the release of the web application on Mainnet V1 with 2 functions. …

SignatureChain SIGN

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