You’ve just gotten yourself listed on SIGN Art! (or any art platform for that matter).
You’ve published your first artworks and set up your profile, but what now? How do you stimulate the collecting of your artworks? How do you make sure you grow as an artist? This article focuses on how digital artists can market themselves.

Let’s start with the basics; social media presence.
The act of simply sharing your artworks online with hashtags and tagging other users (perhaps other artists or collectors), don’t forcefully spam other people though, as this will play against you; it could make you look very desperate for attention, always focus on the passion of art, this should be your priority.
You’ll be able to see the impressions your art gets by going to your tweet, and hitting the 3 dots on the top right as shown in the screenshot below, then head to “View Tweet activity”. This data can be very handy to see how your tweet performed.

Aside of simply sharing your own art, it’s a great idea to spread the love and like, retweet and even comment on other artist’s art. This will build a great reputation for you amongst the community and will certainly pay off. Collectors want to see that you’re invested in your art and you’re here to stay, showcasing activity like such gives that confidence. Showcasing your WIP (Work In Progress) art can also be very interesting for your followers to look at, it gives a deeper look into your work and gives a sense of connection with the artist.

Twitter and Instagram are the two biggest social media’s for crypto art and so those are who we’ll talk about in this article when referring to social media.

Instagram has some great functions that can be used for marketing your digital art as well, such as the story feature, sharing your art through both your story and regular feed will grow your exposure. For Instagram it’s essentially the same story as Twitter, remain active, spread the love, showcase your art. It might surprise you how much this will help you grow.

It’s also very important to make sure that your SIGN Art profile (or any other marketplace) is up to date with as much information about you, your social media’s, your website, anything you can share about yourself. You want people to be confident in you and trust you, you want to give collectors and viewers a form of comfort.

Aside of building your reputation on social media, there are some more direct marketing activities you can initiate yourself.
Think of an NFT giveaway for which people have to follow your social media’s in order to participate, a great way to get people following you and interested in your art. However it must be mentioned that this isn’t in all cases the best option, as it could appear that it might not be worthy to collect your art since you’re giving NFT’s away for free, thus it’s important to not do this too often, but it’s a great way to kickstart your journey in the local community.

Next to social media presence, there are also direct chatting groups, such as Telegram and Discord in which people like to share their art, it’s a more direct way of talking to people as well as sharing each others art. Whenever you have any news to share, these are great places to share your art. You can join the SIGN Art Telegram and Discord (or whichever platform you’re on) and introduce yourself with a few of your artworks.

Another great way to grow is by collaborating with other artists, this way, you’ll combine both your following and your collaborator’s following; often merging them and increasing exposure to new following.

It’s important to remain patient, don’t have unrealistic expectations for your initial appearance, start humble, perhaps with more rare art, allow for offers and keep a positive mindset. Don’t spam artworks out as much as you can, it’ll eventually play against you when there’s a big gallery of unsold art. Focus on the quality of your art and put as much time into your works as you can, a gallery of unsold art can be very unappealing to collectors and visitors.

Remain active on all mediums and show you’re here to stay. Consider listing yourself on sites such as, any sites listing digital artists, perhaps even consider making your own website as it’ll come across professionally. Try to study the market as it’s always changing, what are some of your inspirations doing to grow?

One of the more important things to realize about these tactics is that they’re all FREE, all they require is your input and time, your investment in your crypto art journey. The more work people see, the more you’ll be respected for it. Everyone loves seeing hard workers being paid off. One of the biggest examples is Beeple, who has been making an artwork every single day consecutively for 5065 days! All the while sharing it online and spreading his love. No wonder he’s the biggest crypto artist around currently. The lesson to be learnt is to be consistent, work and never give up.