Hello everyone!

We have decided to swap $SICA token to a new Waves token, $SIGN.

ASSET ID: 9sQutD5HnRvjM1uui5cVC4w9xkMPAfYEV8ymug3Mon2Y

The main reason of the swap is to reduce the supply and particularly get rid of 11% of the total supply, which is assumed to be lost wallet. Such will make it easier to access exchanges in the future.

The ratio of the swap will be 1:30, hence the total supply will decrease from 31B to under 1B. The date of the swap is fixed to 15 July 2019.

The swap process will depend on where your $SICA tokens are being stored and the details are as follows:

1. If stored on STEX, nothing to do from the user side. STEX will support the swap and convert your $SICA automatically to $SIGN, with 1:30 ratio.

2. If stored on WAVES DEX, a new pair SICA/SIGN will be created on DEX where users will be able to buy 1 $SIGN token for 30 $SICA tokens.

* The SICA/SIGN pair on WAVES DEX will only stay active until the end of August 2019, to give everyone enough time to act. All supply not swapped after 31 August 2019 will be burned.

3. If stored on CREX or BLEUTRADE, kindly withdraw your $SICA from these exchanges before 15 July, and transfer to Waves DEX or STEX.

* Starting 15 July, $SIGN will not be traded on both CREX or BLEUTRADE.

$SIGN will only be traded on Waves DEX and on STEX in both LTC and BTC pairing starting 15 July 2019.


During the month of June, Signature Chain was able to deliver another feature of the application, Email Certification, which is currently available on TESTNET.

We have also received a second Grant and official support from Waves Lab and this will help the team in the reorganization of the project, as we aim to merge the base code of the Sica Web app to that of Web-Wallet.
The merge will allow any WAVES based project with a customized Web-Wallet to become a SIGN partner and to activate certain features, like File Certification, in their own web-wallet using their own token. More information about this will be released as we update the website and the White Paper (version 2.0) in September 2019.

The Multiparty Contract/Agreement Version 1 feature is also set to launch in Q3 of 2019. As we await the release of Waves Keeper Mobile this summer, we will start working on sica-web.app mobile adaptation as well.

Version 2 of all Certification Feature will be rewritten in RIDE for release in Q4, with the objective of having a fully functional dApp on RIDE before the end of the year.

Our lead developer, Christophe Verdot, also been designated the task of translating the WAVES WEB3 Course into French, after having completed the course with maximum total of points.
Waves is currently putting a lot of effort into getting more projects and developers into their ecosystem, which will ensure a brilliant future for their blockchain.

To finish, multiple addition will be released on the custom wallet side including: Block explorer, messaging system, News system, invoice generation etc

Do let us know if you have any questions.

We, at Signature Chain, firmly believe this is a great move forward for the project.

Thank you for the support!