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SIGN Art was launched on 18th January of 2021, and over the past 4 months, able to grow significantly while keeping focus on quality, development, and improvement.

In this article, we will discuss the current and future development of the platform.

Where are we?

SIGN Art is still a young platform but managed to receive more than 750 application requests from artists, had more than 3000 unique drops, and 2000 sales.

These numbers are quite outstanding considering the short timeframe since our launch, on a blockchain with no previous NFT or Crypto Art community. We currently have around 270 artists on the platform and over 80 are APPROVED artists.

We chose from the beginning to be a curated platform, to limit scams and fake drops, and to keep certain control over quality — to protect collectors, as much as possible.

Still, we gave a chance to everyone, which is why we have 2 user access levels on the platform — REGULAR Access which is easily accessible if you can prove to be a digital art creator, and APPROVED Access which is more curated and based on several parameters including drops quality and consistency.

Our platform is up and running for 4 months has been proved to be technically solid.

Currently, SIGN Art offers the following features:

  • Artist Profile
  • Creation source certification
  • FREE Lazy Minting
  • Direct sell in SIGN, USDN and WAVES
  • Flexible Offer System similar to Auction
  • NFT Transfer
  • NFT Burn

The SIGN token was also officially verified by the Waves Association DAO, making the token an official verified asset on the The token was also added on the Waves AMM called under SIGN / USDN pair, making it easier for new users to acquire the SIGN utility token to use our products.

SIGN Art welcomed the only 1.000.000USD out of the ETH blockchain, earning recognition for the highest NFT sale.

In the recent month, we have also concluded a successful Collector Contest, with a total cash prize of 5,500$ :

At last, 13 of our artists gathered to work on an awesome collaboration called SIGNERGY:

A new bigger collaboration is already in the work, with more artists joining forces.

What is coming next?

We are currently going through quite some changes. Some more visible than others. SIGN Art will be releasing a secondary market in 2 phases, with Phase 1 coming end of June.

Phase 1 will allow any collector to set any SIGN Art NFT for resale at a fixed price in SIGN, USDN or WAVES, while Phase 2 will add the Offer system to the secondary market.

The team is also looking into adding a Request NFT feature for NFTs that are not for sale.

Behind the scene, our team is growing. We hired several developers to help us scale our products and tools. Moreover, Michael Przyswa is our new Chief Operations Officer. Michael is not new to the project as he was involved in the company, since its incorporation, in a different capacity.

Moreover, Several VCs and conventional investors contacted us while we were still in production mode and without much funding needs. We already received 2 grants which were enough to build a working solution.

Opening our doors to investors become now essential. It will allow us to scale and build faster and more ambitiously on product features, as we have quite a lot of ideas to bring SIGN Art to the next level.

If you are interested in investing in Signature Chain, please send an email to investor @ signature-chain. com in order to contact the team.

Our backend tools are, as well, getting more mature.

Our 100% custom CRM is almost ready and will help manage all Artists’ application requests. This is a very important tool as relying on basic forms only worked for a while and we reached a point where a more custom, robust, and organized tool was needed.

We have more to come!

After the secondary market launch, this month, we will be working on several important and exciting improvements.

A 3rd-level of user access for artists, called FEATURED ARTISTS. This recognition will be given to a very limited number of artists having created high quality NFTs. FEATURED ARTISTS will get more visibility through feature drop events and additional exposure on the platform.

We will be also working on the UI and include the long-awaited Search and Filter feature. This will allow anyone to search drops by keywords and filter by artist category, price, sale status, currency, etc.

Early Proof Of Concept only

At the moment, we are considering the application and development of 3D galleries on the SIGN Art platform. We are considering either for every artist to have individual room or a room reserved for feature drop events. In the future, we aim to expand to a real metaverse in 3D and even in virtual reality. We are consulting developers on this project, but would love to know your opinion!

After having surveyed our most active user, we are considering to include a social centralized layer on top of the current decentralized application to allow features like Email alerts, Likes, Follow and Wishlist.

Among other features, we are considering: adding a time limit to offers, raising the number of maximum editions, integrating an easy token swap (using dapps) within the app, and finally accepting wETH as currency to ease the transition for ETH users. All these will go through some community voting to validate these possible features, so we can define priorities and details.

At last, we are expecting the imminent release of a new BSC gateway on Waves exchange to allow us to bring SIGN token on some popular BSC AMM.

Nonetheless, our priority is still to grow and reinforce the liquidity of the SIGN token on

The SIGN Art marketplace is only a few months old, and we are dedicated to the growth and improvement of our NFT platform. We also have educational features planned and more on this will be explained soon. Stay tune.