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4 min readMar 27, 2020

The Signature Chain project started in 2018 following our study about Blockchain Document Certification, this was conducted for a project we were working on for a well-known Banking institution.

Despite the absence of an ICO and the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, our team managed to keep focus on the development of the current SIGN web application.

Signature Chain is a dApp/bApp (Decentralized/Blockchain Application) focusing on Blockchain Data Certification as the primary feature. The application allows anyone to certify all types of digital contents (e.g., document, video, audio and images) and timestamp them with a unique hash. The hash will serve as the digital signature of the file in the Waves Blockchain, establishing permanence and immutability.

A second feature, Email Certification, allows users to send and timestamp emails on the Blockchain

MultiParty Agreements is the final feature that focuses on the creation of contracts. Through users’ public Waves addresses, a person can send and request for up to 5 counterparts to sign an agreement. The process is easy, instant, low-cost and economical, with no middleman required

The public verifier access allows anyone to verify a certification validity.

The SIGN web application is a unique tool that does not require users to create a centralized account. SIGN utilizes keypair accounts and smart contracts, such that interactions will be with the Waves Blockchain only, i.e., personal information will not be required to use any of the web app features.

A user simply needs to connect to their Waves account and use SIGN token or SIGN credit (obtained via Fiat) to use all web app features. The latter option was implemented to ease the adoption of blockchain and allow an easy entry point for anyone not familiar with cryptocurrency.

As of today, 27 March 2020, we are proud to announce the release of the new Signature Chain (SIGN) web application version 0.9.5 on Mainnet. This version includes all outlined features in 2018 and more. Here is a recap of what to expect on the new SIGN

  • Complete Wallet for SIGN utility token management to send, receive and mass transfer
  • File Certification to certify any file, size and type.
  • Optional hosting of certified files on IPFS (Decentralized File Sharing)
  • Email Certification to send and timestamp emails
  • MultiParty Agreements to request signatures to up to 5 counterparts
  • Whitelisting system that allows to use the webapp features without tokens
  • Public Verification Module where anyone can check the validity of a certification
  • Buy SIGN Certification credits with Fiat
  • Swap USDN Stablecoin to SIGN Credits
  • Exchange Waves for Sign tokens
  • Simplified UI/UX for a better experience
Learn how to use in 5 minutes!

This is the end of the first step of product development, delivering a complete and functioning web application

Why is it still in Beta? The main reason is that the technology is still young and some libraries we use are still in Beta-e.g., Waves Signer. As such, our team has decided to remain in Beta and to conduct more testing.

Don’t get us wrong! We have only just begun and there is definitely more to do

What is next? Check out our website and find our roadmap and vision for the year. This includes a side-project, SIGN Art — which we are very enthusiastic to initiate.

Sign Art will be the first Signature Chain side project to be initiated.

Before that, we will first spend a few weeks to months on pushing our main product, the SIGN web app. Currently, we are facing a challenge every project in the blockchain field encounters — i.e, mass adoption. The whole team, including our main developer, will be focusing on getting more users onboard through educational content, lead generation, and researches.

Signature Chain aims to become a complete ecosystem of tools, with as the main project. We will eventually include and develop more sector-oriented projects (art, diploma, author, etc.) which will retain certain, if not all, features of the main project but with the option to include new features depending on needs, e.g., NFT, buy/sell, etc.

Finally, our team would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our followers and supporters, including Waves Platform who have endowed our project with several Grants and have constantly provided support including the addition of our project on their website’s Use Case section. It has been our initiative to continuously improve our product and to deliver every success and milestone according to the deadline, as promised and even more.

Please bear with us on this journey, we are building the future together.

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