Signature Chain: Mid-Year 2019 Report

Signature Chain had certainly come a long way since the project was conceptualized in October of 2018. Initially, the project focused on document certification on the Blockchain, using a digital signature created by a cryptographic hash function. Almost 8 months into product research and development, additional use cases have been identified which the immutability of the Blockchain provides a more reliable solution for. Try out the website application.

SIGN has hit a major milestone with the release of the web application on Mainnet V1 with 2 functions. The application features document certification, and a web-wallet where users can easily send and receive token.

A month after the release of the web app, another feature was added, and ($Sign) token can now be purchased in the application. Now as we reach the end of the first quarter of 2019, yet another feature has been added, with Email Certification in Beta testing. Check out the Web App How-To Videos on YouTube.

In early April, Waves Labs had relaunched their initiative to support talented developers and innovative startups within the Blockchain technology sector. In leadership of SIGN’s Main Developer, Christophe Verdot, the project received official support from Waves Blockchain via the Waves Labs Grants. Read more on the Second Batch of Waves Labs Grants.

Signature Chain has also determined a need for other token-based projects to offer their respective communities a customized web-wallet, hence the launch of Web-Wallet. The aim, primarily, is to ease the token acquisition and management for users. The Web-Wallet project has also received a grant from Waves Lab, which was announced in early June. Read more on the Fourth Batch of Waves Labs Grants.

SIGN still has a lot planned out towards the remaining half of 2019. An enormous part of it is towards rewriting certifications in RIDE, the development of the highly awaited Multi-party Contract, and the research and improvement of new and current app features.

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